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Amazon Shopping


Amazon Shopping offers app-only benefits to help make shopping on Amazon faster and easier. Browse, view product details, read reviews, and purchase millions of products. Amazon delivers to 100+ countries in as quickly as 3-5 days. Whether you’re buying gifts, reading reviews, tracking orders, scanning products, or just shopping, the Amazon Shopping app offers more benefits than shopping on Amazon via your desktop.

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Amazon introduced Amazon Anywhere, a new feature allowing users on gaming, mobile and AR applications to explore and buy real-world goods on Amazon without leaving the app. You can already try it inside Niantic’s just-launched Peridot game by simply linking your amazon account to the platform. If you are looking for more immersive shoppable entertainment and digital experiences, you should come and try this new feature!

User reviews:

Love Amazon !!!! They have a new icon..inspire. we can look at video shorts of real reviews from since really great products people actually use. I love it !!! Only problem I’ve experienced is not being able to see where my delivery is. Unless it’s literally on it’s way. Other than that THANK YOU AMAZON 😀
The House Of Phoenix Spiritual Life After Trauma – ★★★★★
I have to admit that Amazon has everything! Their website is easy to use, easy to search for items, and easy to navigate through. Often, I compare prices with other stores/websites for items I intend to purchase, and about 90%+ I end up buying it from Amazon. I am a very satisfied customer.
Hans Huseby – ★★★★★
Amazon is by far the best online shopping platform when it comes to customer service! They deliver sooo fast! Often, the next day, even on weekendsI I accidentally ordered the wrong item, was immediately provided free return advice, and the refund was issued before I left the Post Office! So good in this day and age. The only thing stopping me from doing all of my online shopping there is no afterpay. Please sort this Amazon?
Vanessa Lines – ★★★★★
I have bought many great items from amazon. Due to shopping online, there are always items that aren’t as expected. I would recommend Amazon to others. the online help is very efficient, and returns are so easy.
Teresa Chaffey – ★★★★★

Features of the Amazon Shopping app

  • Product Search: Easily search for any item you want to buy using keywords, product names, or even by scanning barcodes. The app provides detailed product descriptions, customer reviews, and ratings to help you make informed purchasing decisions.
  • One-Click Ordering: With your payment and shipping information securely stored, you can purchase items with just a single tap. This feature makes the checkout process quick and hassle-free.
  • Personalized Recommendations: Based on your browsing history and purchase behavior, the Amazon Shopping app offers personalized recommendations tailored to your preferences. Discover new products and deals that align with your interests.
  • Order Tracking: Stay updated on the status of your orders with real-time tracking information. You can monitor your package’s progress, view estimated delivery dates, and receive notifications about any changes or delays.
  • Deals and Promotions: The app provides access to a wide range of deals, discounts, and limited-time offers. You can explore daily deals, lightning deals, and upcoming sales events to find the best prices on your favorite products.
  • Wish List and Save for Later: Create a wish list of items you want to purchase or save products for later consideration. This feature allows you to easily keep track of products and revisit them whenever you’re ready to buy.
  • Product Comparison: Compare prices, features, and customer reviews for similar products to make informed choices. The app helps you make comparisons and select the best option that suits your needs and preferences.
  • Secure and Convenient Payment Options: The Amazon Shopping app offers various secure payment methods, including credit/debit cards, Amazon Pay, and other supported payment services. Your payment information is encrypted and protected to ensure a safe shopping experience.
  • Customer Support: If you have any questions or encounter any issues, the app provides access to customer support through chat, email, or phone. Amazon’s dedicated support team is available to assist you with your inquiries.

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