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Stay updated with the freshest headlines through the BBC News app, featuring breaking stories delivered by our reliable team of journalists across the globe.

Tailor your news experience with My News, allowing you to customize your content selection.

Simply tap the + icon next to topics of interest for swift access to relevant stories. Your personalized My News feed will showcase articles from your chosen topics, offering flexibility to organize stories by preference or chronology. Easily manage your topics using the Edit function to add, remove, or rearrange them according to your preferences.

Efficient Content Discovery

The app intelligently recommends topics based on your recent views and current news trends.

Easily locate topics of interest through the Search tab. Explore a range of BBC News indexes including Business, Technology, Entertainment, and Health. Alternatively, search for specific subjects, whether they pertain to individuals, locations, objects, or concepts, to personalize your news experience further.

Dive into the Stories You Value

Access a comprehensive array of stories curated by our newsroom, with multiple avenues to engage with top-notch journalism from BBC correspondents, including:

  • Popular: Stay abreast of the most widely read articles and watched videos spanning the breadth of the BBC.
  • Video: Catch up with succinct summaries like the One-minute World News and the latest video narratives.
  • Live: Immerse yourself in BBC World Service Radio, where our journalists provide expertise and insights round the clock. Listen in the background as you browse, available 24/7 for uninterrupted access.

Additional Features:

  • Receive push notifications for significant news events.
  • Enjoy seamless video streaming over cellular data and Wi-Fi connections.
  • Enhanced offline functionality allows you to download the latest stories for later perusal.
  • Customize your viewing experience with different modes. On iPhone, opt for the ‘Compact layout’ from the Settings screen to view more stories per index.
  • Enable automatic background updates in the app settings.
  • Easily share stories with your social networks, or send them via email or SMS to friends.
  • Benefit from dynamic text support, where articles adapt to the font size set on your device, enabling you to adjust the text size according to your preferences.
  • Explore related stories and topics to delve deeper into a particular storyline, with suggestions for further reading and viewing, as well as a range of topics associated with each story.
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