CallApp – Caller ID & Recording

CallApp – Caller ID & Recording



The most comprehensive, expansive, unlimited, and FREE caller-id service in the world is CallApp, the number one caller ID and blocking software in the US.

Before you pick up the phone, CallApp recognizes a billion unknown callers and refreshes your contacts with social images and information from Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Foursquare, Whatsapp and many other major social networks & web sources.


The most user-friendly CallApp experience is available, and using it is as easy as ever!

Beginning with Caller ID, which helps you always know who is calling owing to our phone number database, which is believed to be the largest in the world, CallApp gives you the solutions to all of your calling demands.

Installing CallApp is all that is necessary to take advantage of this feature, and it is also free. Another free service provided to all customers is call blocking, which enables them to stop all calls from any number, whether or not it is spam. Call blocking simply involves marking the number with a click, guaranteeing that you’ll never get an annoying call again.

Along with all of these helpful features, CallApp also provides AI call management capabilities like tailored missed call and “who didn’t answer me” notifications to help you keep on top of every call and never miss a beat. With the help of our cutting-edge technology, which recognizes your calling patterns, a personal assistant will be assigned to you automatically and available to you at all times.

When it comes to personalization, check out our in-app shop to discover all the different ways you can completely tailor your calling experience, including custom call screens, keypads, themes, and a ton more.

You may also give yourself access to extra tools that will speed up your calling process by utilizing CallApp as your primary dialer.


“I’m seeing a lot of 1 stars, but I think the majority of them are due to human mistake. My android s10 is working fine, so far. The premium version I purchased is functional. Even with Max settings, the recorder’s sound quality could be improved, but if used properly, it does function. The app has been my possession for a few months, and I have no issues. Edit: After some changes, the recorder is now operating flawlessly for me. L oud and very clear. My favorite.” – Cody Holt

“Everything is OK, but for the fact that I never receive the voicemail message when I miss a call and someone leaves a message. In most cases, you may hit the notice and hear the voicemail. It doesn’t work like that, and whenever I manually check for voicemails, I’m always informed that there are none. Later on, when I check, they are still there, so either they load really slowly or there is a problem with something else. In any case, I must receive my voicemails right away because I own a small business.” – Stephaine Fowlkes

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