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Cash App allows you to transfer, spend, and save money as well as purchase cryptocurrencies using your smartphone or tablet. Customers can also acquire a free Cash Card, which functions similarly to a debit card.


In just a few minutes, you may download and sign up for Cash App. The enrollment process is simple and quick, allowing you to start using Cash App right away.

Send And Receive Money Instantly

With a few taps, you can immediately send, request and receive money from friends and family. Cash App is the most convenient method to repay a buddy for dinner or share rent with your housemates.

Easily Send, Buy, Sell, And Receive Bitcoin

The Cash App is the simplest way to buy, trade, send, give, and receive bitcoin (BTC) – get started with as little as $1. You may also set up regular bitcoin purchases, withdraw it to another cryptocurrency wallet, or transfer it to friends and relatives with compatible wallets (even if they don’t have Cash App), and utilize the Lightning Network to pay with bitcoin quicker and for free on Cash App. Add Bitcoin Boosts to your Cash Card to start earning bitcoin on your transactions.

Buy & Sell Stocks Commission-Free

With Cash App, you may start investing commission-free right away. Stock in leading US corporations may be purchased for as low as $1. In your app, you may track stock prices in real time and evaluate the success of your whole investment portfolio. Make a list of firms to follow so you can keep track of their performance. Cash App Investing LLC, a member of FINRA/SIPC, offers brokerage services. Investing is risky; you might lose money. The FDIC does not protect investments. Cash App Investing LLC does not engage in bitcoin trading.

Receive A Free Custom Visa Debit Card

Order your Cash Card (a personalized Visa debit card) directly from Cash App. By connecting your Cash Card to Apple Pay, you’ll be able to use your virtual card to make quick online or in-store purchases. We’ll also mail you a physical laser-etched Cash Card in less than a week that you may dip, swipe or tap at any merchant. Cash App’s bank partner issues a debit card (s).

Receive Your Paycheck Two Days Early

Using your account and routing number, deposit paychecks, tax refunds, unemployment benefits, government stimulus payouts, and other funds directly into your Cash App balance. Deposits can be collected up to two days earlier than at the majority of other banks. Pay invoices with your Cash App balance by utilizing the same account and routing information. Cash App is not a financial institution. Cash App’s bank partner provides banking services (s).

Instant Discounts Available With Cash Boost

Cash Card is the only free debit card that gives you immediate discounts at your favorite businesses, websites, applications, and restaurants. These rapid savings, known as Cash Boosts, are simple to utilize and are applied to Cash Card purchases immediately. Simply select a Cash Boost from your app’s menu and pay by using your Cash Card. It’s as easy as that.  Just immediate savings, no points, no waiting.

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