All your conference controls.

The logical menu bar allows you to record the meeting, lock it, and do many other things.

sharing a screen easily

Simply click to share your screen. Without requiring them to download anything, Dialpad even allows you to send an SMS to a guest inviting them to your screen share.

Fully browser-based.

Hey, not everybody wants to install an app in order to join your conference call. Using Dialpad, they are not required to. To participate from a web browser, all your customers and prospects need to do is click the meeting link.

Call recordings.

You may record calls with Dialpad and view your call history and recordings directly within the app.

Travel with your online meetings.

You may host or participate in online meetings on your laptop or mobile device with ease with Dialpad’s conference call services. It only takes a few minutes to set up a virtual business number and download the app. Sign up for a free 14-day trial to give it a try. Alternately, you might use Dialpad on your own by first going on a self-guided tour.

Work is something you do, not somewhere you go.

Put no obstacles in the way of completing your best effective work, including where you are located.

You can effortlessly access your conference dashboard, account information, and contacts using any desktop or mobile device, whether you’re at work or not, thanks to the conference call software from Dialpad, which is accessible on iOS, Android, PC, and Mac (and even web browsers).


Any device, anytime

With Dialpad Meetings, you can participate in a video conference using any device, including a Mac, PC, iOS device, or an Android device, regardless of whether you are in the world or in the same room. With Dialpad’s video conferencing solutions for conference rooms, you can provide a seamless experience for all attendees, whether they are physically present in the room or not, for hybrid teams and meetings.

Robust meeting controls

Feeling self-conscious in front of the camera? Every meeting participant has the option to toggle the video (and mic) feature for their turn at any moment with Dialpad Meetings. You can therefore take part in every meeting, regardless of poor lighting, unattractive hair, or simply an unfavorable moment to be on camera.

Easy screen sharing

Share an individual document, your entire screen, a window, or a tab. You can share your screen with Dialpad on any device. Additionally, the app is not required for your guests to download. You can invite others to your screen share using a web browser by including a link in an SMS message you can send using Dialpad!

Smooth moves

Dialpad Meetings dynamically adjusts the video resolution based on your available bandwidth to offer the highest possible video quality, preventing participants from freezing up if their connection isn’t fantastic.

No meeting-crashers allowed

The host has several control options, including the ability to lock the video conference, mute participants, restrict screen sharing, kick out undesired attendees, and invite visitors to a virtual waiting area. (On top of the encryption and high security standards used by Dialpad.)

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