What is Duolingo?

The most widely used and downloaded game-style language learning tool worldwide is Duolingo. Scientific research backs the effectiveness of Duolingo, which is made to feel like a game. Duolingo is created as a gaming platform and has been scientifically demonstrated to be beneficial, in addition to intelligent algorithms that assist certain students in the areas they need. That is numerous schools now recognize the Duolingo English Test as a quick and affordable choice for language certification. It was created by the company using those fundamental building blocks.

Both the Duolingo website and its mobile app are accessible to users. Due of its high accessibility, students can download it to their personal devices. Students feel a lot more ownership over their education when they have access to such resources and the option to design their own video game characters. All of this makes it more engaging and a tool that students pick to use again and again.

Duolingo starts by offering you more than 36 different languages to choose from. There are fundamental lessons available to start with right away for complete novices. A placement test can be used by those who already understand something to identify where they should start.

Students design their own cartoon avatar, which they then use to play the educational games and earn prizes for. The number of consecutive days spent learning using the tool has a streak count. Time spent using the app can result in XP points being earned. On avatar profile, badges can be shown, and flag symbols display the languages the user is learning. Finally, student may dig for jewels and then take full advantages of them upgrade their appearances and modify their avatars. The quantity of words they have learned is indicated by their total mastery level.

Discover amazing features of Duolingo


  • With its incredibly beneficial self-correcting learning mechanism, Duolingo allows users to see their mistakes and the proper response straight away. This makes the platform a good option for independent learning.
  • Through reading, writing, speaking, and listening, students using Duolingo are required to go back and forth between their original language and the target language. Students can practice more situation-based, conversational skills in the stories area.
  • Proactive adaptation, which targets learning based on the errors a learner has made and on areas in need of improvement, is a feature of the commercial edition.
  • The free edition for educators allows for the addition of class sections, linking of student profiles, and progress monitoring. Teachers might provide stories to practice conversational skills or they can assign particular grammatical or vocabulary weaknesses. Teachers have access to created reports that quickly display each student’s XP gained, time spent, and progress toward targets, as well as a course overview.
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