Firefox Fast & Private Browser

Firefox Fast & Private Browser


Firefox Fast & Private Browser is a web browser app developed by Mozilla. It is available for both desktop and mobile devices and is known for its speed, privacy features, and customizability.

Firefox Fast & Private Browser App

User reviews:

Love addons, love design. Could you make tabs into groups on homepage? It would be easier to navigate, I thought that collections work as tab groups, but they just open sites anew. I have lots of tabs that I read simultaniously or come back on free time. Also, double clicking word on searchbar does not work. It just ctrl+A the whole sentence :c
Constantine Q – ★★★★★
Pretty great web browser with some drawbacks. Not having Google give me the option to auto-translate is a bummer as well as the bare bones add-on scene. You got some popular privacy add-ons and some other popular ones but everything else is not mobile compatible (and even if they are technically if they aren’t in the mobile add-ons section, installing them is a bit of a pain.) But those aren’t that bad of gripes for being able to use a browser that is more privacy focused and not chromium based.
Aidan Bishop – ★★★★★
Stable browser that runs reasonably fast even on older devices with a lot of customization options, privacy features and a plethora of addons. I’ve been a satisfied Firefox user on the desktop for over a decade and its mobile counterpart doesn’t feel any less great. To this day, I still feel like Firefox is the best alternative we’ve got to a web dominated by large corporations, especially when it comes to Chrome. If you care about a freer web, Firefox is the way to go.
Not Telling – ★★★★★
My Favorite Browser! From the looks to how it functions, everything is Great. It’s Fast, secure and Sync works perfectly across all devices. It even has Extensions, my Favorite being: Dark Reader. I like how it’s possible to customise Wallpapers and also where the search bar can be placed. My Favorite feature would be how I can immediately send links from Phone and it automatically opens on the PC. Definitely the Best overall Browser I have used so far.
ANIRUDH M.S. – ★★★★★
Good browser app , decent addon support and overall good functionality and general devices / OS support. The addon variety is limited and no about-config functionality and while it’s long way from being as good as v68 was, it improved a lot so overall I recommend it. Better than the competition imo.
Ran Dom – ★★★★★

Features of Firefox Fast & Private Browser app

  • Speed: Firefox is designed to be a fast browser, with a focus on quick page loading times and a streamlined interface.
  • Privacy: Firefox offers several privacy features to help protect user data, such as tracking protection, enhanced private browsing, and password management.
  • Customizability: Firefox allows users to customize the browser with themes, extensions, and settings. Users can choose their preferred search engine, sync their data across devices, and set their preferred home page.
  • Security: Firefox is known for its strong security features, including automatic updates, anti-phishing protection, and sandboxing of third-party content.
  • Accessibility: Firefox offers several features to improve accessibility, such as the ability to read web pages aloud, change text size and font, and adjust page contrast.
  • Cross-platform support: Firefox is available on several platforms, including Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, and Android. This allows users to access their bookmarks, settings, and browsing history across devices.
  • Developer tools: Firefox offers a range of developer tools to help web developers and designers, including a responsive design mode, page inspector, and network monitor.
  • Web compatibility: Firefox is committed to open web standards and ensuring that web pages work well in the browser. It also supports a range of web technologies, such as WebAssembly and WebVR.

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