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Gmail – Email by Google



Thank you for visiting Google’s free email service. Gmail functions similarly to any other email service in that it allows you to send and receive emails, prevent spam, build an address book, and conduct other basic email functions. It does, however, have several distinctive characteristics that contribute to it being one of the most popular online email services.


Gmail has a number of features to help you get the most out of your email, including:

Filtering for spam. Junk email is sometimes referred to as spam. Gmail uses cutting-edge technology to keep spam out of your inbox. The majority of spam is automatically sent to a separate spam folder, where it will be removed after 30 days.


View of a Discussion. When you send emails back and forth with another person (or group of people), usually on a certain topic or event, you’re having an email conversation. By default, Gmail puts these emails together, making your inbox more organized.

There’s an integrated chat feature. Instead of sending an email, you may send someone an instant message or use the audio and video chat facility if your computer has a microphone and/or webcam.

Make a phone call. This function is similar to voice chat, however it allows you to contact any phone in the globe by dialing an actual phone number. Making a call to anyplace in the United States or Canada is free, while calling to other countries is quite inexpensive.

You can do the following using the Gmail app

  • On iOS, set Gmail as your default email app.
  • Automatically block 99.9% of spam, phishing, malware, and harmful links before they reach your inbox.
  • To avoid embarrassing blunders, undo sending.
  • Enable Google Chat to communicate, collaborate, and create with others.
  • Work together to get more done in Spaces, a dedicated space for organizing people, themes, and projects.
  • Use Google Meet to make high-quality video calls.
  • Use Smart Reply ideas to rapidly respond to emails.
  • Change between different accounts
  • Use the notification center, badge, and lock screen to quickly get fresh mail notifications.
  • Get immediate results, predictions as you enter, and spelling recommendations while searching your email.
  • Sort through your emails by classifying, staring, deleting, and reporting spam.
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