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In that it’s an application designed for personal calling, Google Duo is comparable to Apple FaceTime. Unlike FaceTime, Duo can be used on the web, some smart devices, and has an app for iOS and Android.

Google announced the integration of Google Meet and Google Duo on June 1, 2022. Users began to see the merger on their smartphones on August 1, 2022. Google, however, restored the Duo symbol to smartphones after the Duo app’s disappearance caused confusion among many users. The Duo symbol still directs users to Meet and serves as a reminder to users that Duo has changed into Meet. This is not at all unclear!

While Google Duo is used for private video chats, Google Meet is the company’s product geared for business. Google is combining the smaller, more sociable functionality of Duo with the broader, more feature-rich functionality of the original Meet through this merger. Users who want to utilize Google for video calling now have a single point of contact thanks to this.


Video calling

When Duo is opened, the contacts and groups are displayed below the camera view and the search bar.

Type the name of the person you want to video call into the search field, choose their name from the list, and then press the “Video call” icon in the bottom-center of your screen to begin.

Google will let you know when you place your first call “Smile! The pounding has begun “, along with a disclaimer that says if your friend has you saved as a contact, they will be able to see you while you are calling on their phone. However, this function prevents your buddy from seeing you when calling you. Therefore, anytime you make a video call to a buddy, you will first get a screen that notifies you that your video is visible. You will then see the name or phone number of the recipient and an end button, both of which are overlaid on a view of whatever your camera captures (likely you).

Manage preferences

In the top right-hand corner of the Google Duo main app interface (the screen with the camera view/search bar and the “Create Group” button), hit the three horizontal dots icon. Then, links to Settings, Duo’s Privacy, Help, and Feedback will be visible. Pick Settings from the menu.

You may modify a number of options in this menu, including the ability to disable Knock Knock and Low-light mode. Along with additional options like Siri Shortcuts for iOS users, you may also set a data use cap, activate vibrate-while-ringing on your phone (only for Android), unregister your phone number, connect a Google Account, and block numbers.

Additionally, it is possible to enable functions like Duo Moments, which show up in calls and shoot images that are subsequently shared with the group.

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