Without knowing any code, Guidebook enables businesses to design stunning, feature-rich, unique mobile applications. Businesses, organizations, and academic institutions all across the world use Guidebook to interact with and educate audiences in real time, whether physically or electronically. More than 100,000 companies have chosen Guidebook as their mobile application platform of choice, including premier colleges from across the world and market leaders like Coca-Cola, Amazon, YouTube, Google, and Samsung. Over 14 million different applications using guidebooks have been downloaded in over 75 different countries. An honorable, privately held corporation with offices around the United States, Europe, and Asia, Guidebook is headquartered in San Francisco.


Simple to create and maintain.

The Guidebook is easy to use, effective, and logical. With our top-notch CMS, you can create a native iOS or Android app and an interactive web page in just four simple steps. No technological expertise is necessary. From the comfort of your sofa or the comfort of your workplace, manage your content from wherever you are.

A variety of flexible and complete branding possibilities.

There are several branding and customization possibilities available with Guidebook. We have you covered, whether you want your own distinctive standalone app or a personalized Space in our container app. Need something more substantial than a mobile device? Your mobile app needs a companion like Guidebook Web.

Support that has won awards.

You may develop game-changing mobile strategies with the assistance of your personal Account Manager. Our gold-medal winning and internationally acknowledged customer satisfaction numbers blow the industry norm out of the water with email response times of under 30 minutes and support chat response times of under 20 seconds.

Scalability and security.

At Guidebook, we take security seriously. To safeguard your company and maintain the security of your user data, we provide tools like SSO and SAML. Guidebook is really quick and adaptable.


“I employ this each year at my preferred con. I can create my own timetable and it also sends me reminders (of you want that). The panelists can load any handouts or slides they want you to have in advance and make comments on any questions they have to check up later to get back to us. I appreciate how there are so many wonderful methods to search for panels by name, speaker, or topic.” – beverly ryng

“Even while I am aware that the information provided by the event organiser may be the reason for the app’s present limitations, I still want more. A better map, a mechanism to communicate and update information with a group, information on whether a particular event calls for more money or supplies, etc. Even still, I still think others should try it out. Hopefully, some things can be made better.” – A Google user

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