LINE – Calls & Messages

LINE – Calls & Messages



Even if you’ve never heard of Line(opens in new tab), the popular instant messaging service in Asia is well worth a look.

In the beginning, Line was created in reaction to the Tohoku earthquake and tsunami to allow for communication during the crisis. It has now grown to be the biggest social network in Japan.

More than 700 million people have downloaded the app, and although though WhatsApp still dominates the western market, Line has managed to separate out from the crowd thanks to its animated stickers and cast of adorable characters.


Sending media and stickers

Perhaps Line’s strongest selling feature is the ability to play games and share incredible animated stickers from a variety of series and characters.

Other instant messaging programs have attempted to copy Line’s concept, but few succeed as well. A variety of businesses provide a plethora of static and animated stickers for sale, and artists may even create their own. There’s a strong possibility you’ll discover something to let you express yourself in a playful way, from Baby Yoda to Dragon Ball Z.

Line makes it quick and straightforward to enhance a discussion by suggesting stickers based on what you type.

Face filters and effects

There is still a huge need for face filters and camera effects, and Line provides a ton of options for face-warping. You can transform yourself to appear like a puppy, a baby, an elderly lady, and other unpleasant things that you never imagined you’d want to see.

How to launch a Line Meeting group video call.

You may have an unexpected business meeting or video chat with a group of pals with the new Line Meeting function. Users may either submit the meeting URL straight to a chat room or generate a meeting URL from a chat room by inviting friends via the URL. 500 persons can sign up.

You may share the screen of your smartphone and view YouTube videos while in a group conversation using the “watch together” option that is included with Line Meeting. There are also a ton of amazing effects and filters available, totaling 106 effects and 41 filters.

Even though the URLs for Line meetings are extremely complicated and difficult for someone who hasn’t gotten the link to figure out, if a malicious person does get to join, there is a way to remove them from the meeting, providing you even more piece of mind.

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