Microsoft Edge – Browse with AI

Microsoft Edge – Browse with AI


Unleash the Power of the Web: Discover the Revamped Microsoft Edge Experience

Experience a seamless online journey with Microsoft Edge, designed to prioritize your privacy, enhance productivity, and deliver rapid performance. Partnering with Bing’s advanced AI technology, Microsoft Edge offers a web browsing environment that’s both smart and secure. Tailored to meet your needs, this browser is more than just a tool; it’s a personalized workspace for the modern web.

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User reviews:

I’ve been a chrome user for most of my life, and Edge was hands down immediately better when I saw how well all the Microsoft apps integrate within and across devices. Besides that, I like the function and visual appeal of the user interface most. Bing chat is brilliant, and they continue to impress with how AI can be integrated to [eventually] find the specific solution I’m looking for. Never liked a browser better.
Sam Ehlers – ★★★★★
The browser has some good features such as the integrated AI GPT4 (better than Opera but slightly slower), adblocker (not as good as Brave but decent) and the best free TTS in reading mode (main reason I use it on pc) but the ability to group tabs is an absolute must for me. I constantly have 20-30 tabs on my phone and since there is no extension support to fix the lack of groups this otherwise very good browser is not my main browser.
Ясен Чапкънов – ★★★★★
I only use it because I use Edge on pc, I need easy synchronization of bookmarks to my phone. 4 stars only because enabling the “new dark mode” in flags give brownish tint on web pages especially noticeable on the font color. Other than that, it’s a good, fast, and simple browser. Edited: 5 stars now.
Rakie James Millare – ★★★★★
I love this web browser app, specially with file sharing from the desktop to mobile phone ‘Drop’ really comes in handy, I also like the built-in AdBlock. Please add an option to open a tab in a group, also add an option to send the link to devices when long pressed.
ItsEly – ★★★★★
It has become my favorite browser on both desktop and mobile. The browser is relatively simple to use, fast and it isn’t really a drain on system resources. It also happens to have a built-in ad blocker which deals with most ads. Edge just has everything I need in a browser without a whole lot of fuss.
DarkBooger – ★★★★★

Features of the Microsoft Edge application

Elevate Your Productivity and Organization

Microsoft Edge is engineered to keep you productive and focused. The revamped tab management system allows you to easily categorize and access the content you need without cluttering your screen.

Features for Streamlined Web Browsing

  • Redesigned Navigation: With an intuitive user interface, Microsoft Edge makes it a breeze to access your Favorites, Reading Lists, and much more.
  • Collections: Your digital pinboard for the web. Save, categorize, and share web content across all your synchronized devices effortlessly.

Bing: A Next-Gen Search Experience

We’ve supercharged Bing with AI capabilities to offer you an unprecedented search experience.

AI That Works For You

  • Powered by Cutting-edge AI: Utilizing next-gen AI models, Bing delivers comprehensive, accurate, and rapid answers. It incorporates advancements beyond GPT-3.5 and ChatGPT to serve you better.
  • Interactive Search: Don’t just search, converse. You can ask Bing follow-up questions and make refinements in a chat-like interface.
  • Contextualized Answers: Bing automatically summarizes and cites content from the web to give you the answers you need.

A Secure Space: Putting Privacy First

Your online safety is a top priority for Microsoft Edge.

Trustworthy Browsing

  • Take Control: With tracking prevention turned on by default, Microsoft Edge offers you a secure and private browsing space right from the start.
  • Data Sync: Safely synchronize your passwords, Collections, and other saved data across your devices using Microsoft Edge’s private browser.

Hassle-Free Shopping: Maximize Savings and Convenience*

Microsoft Edge comes with built-in shopping tools to make your online shopping experience rewarding and straightforward.

Smart Shopping Features

  • Cashback Rewards: Get rewarded for shopping with cashback offers from partnered retailers.
  • Effortless Coupons: Easily find and apply coupons for instant savings.
  • Price Comparison: Receive notifications about price drops and compare prices across various retailers effortlessly.
  • Earn While You Browse: With Microsoft Bing, earn rewards not just while you shop but also as you search.

InPrivate: Where Your Privacy is Paramount

When it comes to privacy, InPrivate tabs ensure your browsing history, cookies, and other data are not stored or linked to your Microsoft account.

Private and Secure Browsing

  • InPrivate Search & Browsing: Keeps your online activities private, ensuring that your search history is never saved.

Block Ads with Ease

Don’t let annoying ads distract you. Activate AdBlock from the settings for an uninterrupted browsing experience.

A Clean Web Experience

  • Content Blockers: Simply visit the settings and click on ‘Content Blockers’ to activate AdBlock, helping you browse without distractions.

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