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Microsoft Outlook



One of the most used email clients in the world is Microsoft Outlook. There are a number of advantages to using the Microsoft Outlook desktop email client to handle email more effectively, whether you use it at home for personal communications or at work for professional communication. Five things to think about are listed below.


  1. Enter a Well-Ordered Environment to Access Messages.

Messages may be organized effectively with Outlook’s folder structure. Each communication, together with any attachments that may be included, is conveniently accessible in one location. Similarly, actions like sending messages and adding files may also be carried out in a planned manner.

  1. Perform Tasks Quickly by Using Keyboard Commands.

Navigating the inbox and other folders, as well as sending, replying to, and forwarding messages, are all made easier via keyboard shortcuts. When a given activity can be carried out simply pressing a key, there is no need to arduously browse through links to get what you’re searching for.

  1. Manage Contacts.

You may manage contacts using the Outlook desktop email client’s straightforward navigation and keyboard shortcuts. When you need to send messages or request meetings, you may quickly access the address book and identify crucial contacts.

  1. Use the features of your calendar.

There are several methods to see your schedule and an effective approach to create appointments in the Outlook calendar. Send meeting requests to contacts instantly, and access future appointments using the month, week, or day views. The same keyboard shortcuts you use to read and compose emails may also be used to carry out related actions in the calendar.

  1. Outlook is often utilized at work.

Due to Outlook’s many features and functionalities, businesses from a range of sectors are adopting it as their email client. Learning how to use this program can improve one’s employability and boost one’s productivity at work.

Looking for additional information on how to use this desktop email client? Join us for a free live webinar on “Microsoft Outlook with JAWS” tomorrow at 12:00 Eastern. We’ll walk through a number of actions, such as sending and receiving email, managing contacts, and using calendar capabilities. We’ll also provide you some useful keyboard shortcuts so you can use this robust program more easily.

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