Mooditude – Mental Health App

Mooditude – Mental Health App



There are several applications in the app store that promise to help you have better mental health, as we all know. Although there are many useful tools available, Mooditude gives you access to the finest ones in one location so you can offer online mental health care. The software has the potential to completely replace treatment appointments.

The app delivers research-backed solutions for digital mental health care in the palm of your hand. You might think of the Mooditude app as a kind of virtual therapist and best friend. The app provides access to a plethora of materials and tools that can help with mood-lifting and mental wellness. The completely free option, CBT therapy, and skillfully designed tools set it apart from competing solutions.


The app contains a variety of functions you may use on a daily basis to enhance your mental wellness. 

Mood Tracking

Find out what’s causing your stressed-out mood, or even better, consider your top sources of happiness. Track your mood and utilize the many symbols to make it unique to you. 


Use text, images, and videos to create a unique diary. Record the positive moments and consider the negative ones.

Coping Activities

To prevent having unreasonable or impulsive reactions to situations, use a copy mechanism of your choosing and instead find healthy, constructive ways to get through these moments.

CBT Exercises

Learn and put into practice the therapists’ activities for altering thought patterns.

Meditation & Mindfulness

Spend ten minutes each day alone with yourself. You may change your life by meditating every day!!

Habit Builder

When beginning a statement, do you ever say, “I wish I could” or “I wish I did”? You may! You may choose healthy behaviors and maintain them with the aid of Mooditude! 

Self-paced Courses

You also get access to courses created by licensed psychologists in addition to the features! Numerous psychologists have developed the courses in Mooditude, and each one is filled with practical activities and suggestions for tackling your difficulties. 


“I took a survey on mental health for the first time ever, and the results shocked me. Despite not being aware of the severity of my sadness, I was aware that something was wrong with how I was feeling recently. I was able to schedule the correct activities for myself with the aid of the app’s survey, which was quite enlightening. The thorough report and their rating methodology are both extremely beneficial.” – Amritsar Siddhsvaru

“This is fantastic, and I’ve been using it for a few weeks. The two tools I use the most are the notebook and the mood tracking. I deal with sadness and anxiety, and I can tell with certainty that utilizing the app has helped.” – Norene Ablett

“This software is the best thing I’ve ever used for my mental health, and I purchased the premium edition of it to get the full benefits. Even though it’s still early, I find it useful. I frequently receive messages asking how I’m doing, and I enjoy commenting on the forum and assisting others.” – Zoe Nixon

“Resources and a community that are incredibly supportive, knowledgeable, and transparent. Provided in the form of attainable objectives, strategies, routines, categories, and activities, really inexpensive expert assistance. J ust what I require to help me manage, regain my composure, and ponder after difficult times.” – Trixie Devine

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