PictureThis – Plant Identifier

PictureThis – Plant Identifier


PictureThis is a plant identification application that uses image recognition technology to identify plants. The application is available for both Android and iOS devices. The PictureThis app has been featured on the App Store in over 100 countries.

PictureThis – Plant Identifier App free

To use PictureThis, simply take a photo of a plant using your smartphone’s camera and upload it to the app. The app will then analyze the image and provide you with information on the plant’s species, common name, care instructions, and other details.

One of the key features of PictureThis is its extensive database of plant species. The app claims to have over 30,000 species in its database, making it one of the most comprehensive plant identification apps available.

In addition to identifying plants, PictureThis also provides users with helpful gardening tips and information on how to care for various types of plants. The app allows users to create a personalized “Plant Album” to keep track of their plants and receive reminders for watering and other care tasks.

User reviews:

This app is 99% accurate, with variability due to subspecies. I love that it also gives specifics about toxicity. One aspect would be helpful is a multiple photograph option for hard-to-identify plants. I downloaded the app originally to identify a sucker, identified as a Siberian Elm, dug its roots down deep into my fountain and now will not die.
Misty Rains – ★★★★★
Wonderful app, it helps identifying the plants you see and make an informed decision before buying, understanding whether you’d be able to grow them properly, because it gives a lot of information on their care and needs. One less star because you can change the language but not the measure unit. I can’t reason in terms of inches and Fahrenheit, and have to go convert every time. Would be nice to have metrics and °C as an option.
Rossana Suriano – ★★★★★
Excellent if u can get past constant subscription barrage. Weirdly I gotta hit back there’s no close button! I nearly assumed app was malware & almost un-installed it! Other than that eerily accurate & handy. I like knowing exactly what I just bought. prob use 2 make sure right sticker or label is used prior 2 purchase. The analyze my plant from Pic is genius. Gave possible causes in my case from store w/ bacterial spot issue. I just assumed leaf damage from careless employees!
Jesse W – ★★★★★
Amazing app. I can’t afford to buy it right now, but I did the free trial and will be purchasing it as soon as I can! It identifies plants but also tells you if they are sick and how to take care of them. Detailed information on every plant I scanned and you can identify for different purposes. Take a pic to see what it is, but also if it’s a weed, if it’s toxic to your oets, if it’s edible, what it is used for medicinally. Incredible app!!
Kaida Schofield – ★★★★★
It works!! It works so well. I used it on a few plants I already know and immediately got the right answers without having to scroll to the other options. The care tips are super helpful and it gives you so much information without having to pay for premium.
RL – ★★★★★

Features of the PictureThis – Plant Identifier application

  • Accurate Plant Identifier: PictureThis can identify17,000+ plant species with 98% accuracy.
  • Plant Disease Auto Diagnose & Cure : Take a snap of a sick plant or upload a photo from your gallery, the PictureThis app will auto-diagnose your plant disease and provide treatment info.
  • Plant care tips and water reminder, help you better grow your lovely plants.
  • One-on-one Expert Consultation
  • Toxic Plant Warning : Identify toxic plants around you and get warnings to help your pets, children, and family stay safe.
  • Manage Your Plant Collection

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