Launched in 2010, Pinterest is a “visual discovery engine” where users may find motivation and concepts related to their interests. These concepts are shown as Pins, which are organized into broad categories known as Boards. Users have complete control over the names and layouts of their boards on their profiles.


  1. Drive traffic to your website

Through inbound links, Pinterest has the power to send a ton of visitors to your website. Since each pin contains a link, you can quickly direct your audience to the source (such as your website). Imagine the number of website visitors you could attract by posting pictures of your products or even by promoting content that has been taken from your blog posts and reused.

  1. Make use of visual search

Pinterest acts more like a search engine for pictures, even if it could seem like simply another social networking site. Imagine a Google search if you can. As soon as you type your search term into Google’s search area, relevant results are returned. This is essentially how Pinterest works. The most pertinent results are those that are displayed to you as pins and boards for the phrase you entered in.

Being included in these results might be very beneficial for your business. You can do this if you design and organize your pins so that people can find what they’re searching for easily.

  1. Generate more conversions

For the majority of its users, Pinterest serves as a resource for information prior to making a purchase.

By having excellent visual material that related to your product or service on Pinterest, you’re more likely to convert your audience into prospects or customers. Thus, compared to other social media platforms, the buyer’s journey on Pinterest involves fewer steps. Instead, it enables you to swiftly convert leads into sales.

  1. Grow your brand authority

You have the option of adding relevant information from outside sources to your boards in addition to pinning your own. Following and interacting with other companies (in your sector or those who share your interests) can humanize your brand and boost its authority.

  1. Find out what matters to your audience.

Every organization’s motivation comes from its ability to comprehend and satisfy its customers’ needs. This feeds into your business objectives and eventually your marketing objectives. Using Pinterest might help you discover your target market’s interests and the most recent trends in your industry. By doing this, you might be able to fill in any gaps in your product or messaging.

Simply said, you’ll be able to develop novel strategies for marketing your products or services in a way that meets the needs of your target audience. If you’re still not sure which customers to target, think considering creating a buyer persona using the free template we’ve provided below.

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