Like a texting software on steroids, Slack is basically.

It’s designed for teams and offices, is compatible with a variety of gadgets, platforms, and operating systems, and comes with powerful features that let you talk in groups as well as one-on-one with coworkers.

Additionally, you can publish and share files with them, interact with other applications and services, and have complete control over nearly every option, including the opportunity to design your own emoji.



Click in the text area at the bottom, type your message, then press enter to send it as a direct message or in a channel. You can type a person’s @username to alert them during a channel chat.


To send an emoji, click the emoji button located next to the message area. On Slack, you can also add an emoji reaction to any message. Simply hover your mouse pointer over the message you want to add a reaction to, and then click it. Apple, Google, Twitter, and Emoji One are only four of the emoji sets that are available in Slack.

Uploading and Sharing Files

Any kind of file from your computer may be uploaded in a number of simple ways (document, image, video, link, etc). If you want to upload a file, you may upload it by clicking the Add button next to the message box, dragging and dropping the file into the Slack window, or pasting photos into the message box directly.

Public Links

It’s necessary to create a public link if you want to share it with someone outside of Slack. To accomplish this, just pick Create external link from the menu that appears when you hover your cursor over the file you wish to connect to. Click Done after adding the URL to your clipboard.

Pinning Messages and Files

It is possible to pin items to channels so they appear in the Channel details information menu if you need everyone in your channel to view them or if you need to discover an essential file quickly. Hover over it, choose Pin message from the cog on the right, and then click to save. Until you delete it, a message that has been pinned will remain there.

Set reminders

Reminders may be added to Slack. For instance, Slack will privately remind you if you need to remember to submit a story in 30 minutes by typing “/remind me in 30 minutes to publish”.


There is a timestamp on each communication. The timestamp in Slack may be right-clicked to generate a persistent URL if you wish to be able to refer to a certain message later (or just click on it).

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