SoundCloud – Play Music & Songs

SoundCloud – Play Music & Songs


SoundCloud is a popular music streaming platform that allows users to discover, share, and upload their own music and audio content. The SoundCloud app provides access to millions of songs, podcasts, and other audio content from creators all over the world.

SoundCloud – Play Music & Songs app free

With the SoundCloud app, you can easily search for and find your favorite tracks, artists, and genres. You can also create your own playlists, follow your favorite artists and DJs, and share your favorite tracks with friends and followers.

The SoundCloud app offers a range of features to enhance your listening experience. You can use the app’s intelligent recommendations system to discover new music based on your listening history, browse and listen to exclusive content from top artists, and enjoy ad-free listening with a SoundCloud Go+ subscription.

Whether you’re into hip-hop, EDM, rock, or classical music, the SoundCloud app has something for everyone. With its intuitive interface and vast selection of music, it’s the perfect app for music lovers everywhere.

User Reviews:

I’ve loved this app for years now. As both a music producer, and an avid fan of all kinds of music, I’ve felt fulfilled by all the features provided by the free version of SoundCloud up until very recently. now that I am getting more serious about my production, and listening habits, I am heavily considering the idea of upgrading to the pro version of the app.
Mike Norton – ★★★★★
Amazing. Honestly in my opinion better than Spotify. It’s easy to use and has many songs. Although the quality is somewhat worse than Spotify, it always has the song you want. I like how it also makes you a playlist of songs that are based on the music you’ve listened to.
AverageOnePieceWatcher – ★★★★★
this is an awesome app. yes there is ads but not as many as spotify and you can SKIP ALL YOU WANT. the only other thing is that if you search for a song some songs will be membership only which sucks and its also great bc people can comment on songs and you can see those and comment to. overall I love this app and would recommend it.
Ashley Harlow – ★★★★★

SoundCloud App Features – Play Music & Songs

  • Millions of Tracks: SoundCloud has an extensive library of music and audio content from a diverse range of genres and languages. You can access millions of tracks from established and up-and-coming artists alike.
  • Discover New Music: The app’s intelligent recommendations system suggests new music based on your listening history and preferences. You can also browse top tracks, curated playlists, and exclusive content from SoundCloud’s partners and featured artists.
  • Personalized Playlists: Create your own playlists by adding your favorite tracks, and organize them by mood, genre, or activity. You can also share your playlists with friends and followers.
  • Follow Your Favorite Artists: You can follow your favorite artists and get notified when they upload new music or release new albums. You can also view their profiles, see their activity on SoundCloud, and interact with them through comments and likes.
  • Offline Listening: With a SoundCloud Go+ subscription, you can download tracks and playlists for offline listening. This feature is perfect for when you’re on the go and don’t have access to the internet.
  • Ad-Free Listening: SoundCloud Go+ subscribers can enjoy ad-free listening, which means no interruptions during your listening sessions.
  • Podcasts: In addition to music, SoundCloud also offers a wide range of podcasts from popular creators and networks. You can easily browse, subscribe, and listen to your favorite podcasts directly from the app.

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