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JobGet – Jobs Near Me



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Include your first and last names, contact information (phone and email), and more! Be at ease. Your data is secure with us at all times. You can’t locate your contact information anywhere, and we’ll never provide it to anybody else.

Set Up Your Profile

The application will ask you to create your profile when you login in. Your resume will be substituted with this profile! Indeed, using JobGet does not require a résumé. Your employment history, education, and a brief biography will all be entered. Less than five minutes should be needed to complete this process.

Apply for Jobs

When your profile is complete, you are prepared to look for jobs and submit applications. The software will email your resume to the recruiting manager with only one click.

Connect with Employers

The application will urge you to message the hiring manager once you click to apply for a position. This is something that we highly advise! You distinguish yourself from the rest of the group and demonstrate your initiative by sending a message. The interview process may be made short and simple by video conferencing with the recruiting manager after contacting with them beforehand.

Additional Features

Filters that will display the ideal work for you are only one of the many features that JobGet offers. Additionally, we often add new features once a month, so be sure to update the app and look for updates!


“It’s pretty simple to use this software (UI is smooth). The only drawback is that clicking on any of the jobs sent me to a different website (which also has a different app in which I have already). I would like the ability to apply for jobs directly rather than having to send my resume to several other places, which might lead to spam in the future.” – Jason Towler

“I really enjoy how this app is set up; it’s user-friendly and allowed me to establish a profile that includes my photo, bio, career history/experiences, certificates, and a constantly updated list of possible positions as well as several side hustles to select from while waiting on interviews. Anyone who, like me, had to leave their former employment unexpectedly and needed a method to locate a reliable replacement ASAP is encouraged to use this program, in my opinion.” – Alex Tillman

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