Alarmy – Alarm Clock&SleepSound

Alarmy – Alarm Clock&SleepSound


Alarmy is a popular alarm clock app that is designed to be extremely effective in waking people up. The app offers various methods to turn off the alarm, ranging from traditional methods like shaking the phone a certain number of times, to more challenging methods like solving math problems or taking a picture of a specific place in your home (that you’ve set up previously).

Alarmy – Alarm Clock&SleepSound App

The app also may offer additional features like sleep sounds to help you get to sleep, and possibly some tracking features to monitor your sleep quality, although features can vary between updates and versions.

From Waking up gently to powerfully, you can rely on this free loud alarm clock. Set a ringtone as your favorite music, and combine missions & additional helpful features whatever you like! This is the new way of making a refreshed morning. And now you can even record every day your morning feeling after sleep! No more Oversleeping!

User reviews:

I think it’s a great way to wake up instead of a regular alarm because you are basically forced to do an activity so you can wake up I aways the person that has deep sleep and this works like a charm I recommend highly and I think it’s a great app thanks alarmy!
Jack Price – ★★★★★
good app would highly recommend this to anyone who has a bad sleep schedule or just wakes up late makes you do puzzles or math problems and other things so when you do it it wakes up your brain and won’t make you turn the alarm off then go back to sleep so very good app 👍.
Mr Clyne Music – ★★★★★
It’s my saving grace! Works when paired with two devices. It automatically switches back to my ear buds so I can hear my alarm even while I am on my iPad watching a movie and fall asleep at night. Buy the yearly membership you won’t regret it! Alarmy staff, please make the accounts work cross platform to recognize our membership purchases between iOS and Play store. There is no way to log into my account on the iOS app with Gmail.
Darby S. – ★★★★★
This app has really helped me to break my bad sleeping habits. Amazing interactive features to wake one up. When I’m wayyy too sleepy and want to sleep just for that day- oml my brain cannot turn off the alarm at all ( I always put maths as my task but in that time I don’t get the correct answers)🤣 I snooze the alarm and the proceed to uninstall the entire app just because I want to sleep lol. I have reinstalled every single time! IT’S an amazing app
Wafa Reza – ★★★★★
Honestly, I wasn’t expecting this to work as well as it did. Ended up getting up practically a half hour earlier because of it so I haven’t been late once. Definitely one of the apps I won’t be installing anytime soon. Love the app
Christina Trentham – ★★★★★

Features of the app Alarmy

  • Alarm Missions
    • Math Problems: Solve mathematical problems to turn off the alarm.
    • Photo Mission: Take a photo of a predetermined area, such as a bathroom sink, to turn off the alarm.
    • Shake Mission: Shake the phone a specific number of times to disable the alarm.
    • Barcode Mission: Scan a barcode or QR code to turn off the alarm.

  • Sound Options
    • Various ringing tones and melodies.
    • Customizable volume and vibration patterns.
    • “Gradual Wake” options to slowly increase the alarm’s volume.

  • Sleep Sound
    • White noise or calming soundscapes to help users fall asleep.
    • Timers to automatically turn off sleep sounds.

  • User Interface and Customization
    • Modern, user-friendly interface.
    • Customizable themes and colors.
    • Option to label alarms.

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